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Jeff Miller's Broadcasting History Pages offers some fascinating links to web sites dedicated to not just television but radio as well.

Rich Samuel's Broadcasting In Chicago 1921-1989 focuses on the beginnings of WNBQ as well as a wonderful nostalgic romp through the studios of WMAQ radio. Much much more!


Steve McVoy is caretaker to The Early Television Foundation, a museum dedicated to the preservation of early 20th century television.    The Museum of Broadcast Communications is a wonderland of broadcasting history
Joey D'Auria, Chicago's Bozo #2 is alive and well and living on the west coast.  You can check out his website here. For a entertaining and informative look at classic Chicago area radio, the place to check out is Scott Childers Online!


Clarke Ingram has the full story on The Du Mont Television Network.   You can find Bill Jackson (along with The Blob, Dirty Dragon, and all the rest at their online home at


C.E. "Sonny" Clutter doubles as "The Radiola Guy." Original locally produced television is alive and well on cable.  Check out The Big Fat Nude Hippo Show.    Chicago's most successful cable TV program!  


Classic Network TV at TVParty Rick Klein has assembled several videoclips of Chicago television from the 70s thru the 90s at his website


Like cartoons?  Check out Toontracker 

Think you've missed something?  Click on the WEBMAP television and check out all there is to offer at THE VIDEO VETERAN

Like cartoons?  Check out Toontracker 

A special thank you to the many people who have helped me in the development of this website by sharing their personal and professional memories...

Herb Granath (vp ABC-TV New York); Bruce DuMont (founder of The Museum Of Broadcast Communications); Loreen Arbus (daughter of ABC-TV chairman Leonard Goldenson); and Char Beals (owner of C-TAM) for their assistance in the research of the Telefirst ppv project in 1983

Bob Lewandowski, John Wiegel, Jerry K. Rose, and Edward L. Morris for allowing me time to talk with them about their contributions to UHF television

Bill Jackson ("B.J.") for his tremendous support of the WFLD Kidvid section

Joy & Kerry Bennett for their contributions and support of the "Terry Bennett & Joy" section

Gene Christianson (formerly of WSNS and now at legendary WSM Nashville) for his input on the early years of channel 44

Jody Lynn Nye (formerly of WFBN and now a successful author of fantasy novels) for her help on the ON-TV and Spectrum subscription services of the early eighties

Horror TV journalist Ken Kwill for his help with the "Shock Theater" section

and a heartfelt thanks to all of you who have written to say how much you enjoyed the site.

And a extra special tip of the hat to Steve King and Johnnie Putman for putting up with me til two in the morning on their late-night talk fest heard across the Midwest via WGN Radio's 50,000 watt clear channel signal and around the world via the internet.