Joey D'Auria, who played Bozo for seventeen years, had once been a "Gong Show" contestant and also appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" as "Dr. Flameo." doing a hilarious act as a man who plays "musical" candles. In 1984 he was asked to audition for the role of Bozo. After two auditions, he found he had to audition in front of a studio audience, something he wasn't prepared to do. But like a true pro, he went out and stole the show (he also knew that if he bombed, he was in clown makeup and would never be recognized!) D'Auria also blended well with Roy Brown, who knew right away that D'Auria would be a hit when after telling him he had broken his arm in three places, D'Auria responded with "Then don't go in those three places!" D'Auria played Bozo until the show's cancellation in 2001.