a candid conversation with the man who gave us Oliver O. Oliver, Cooky The Cook, Whizzo, the grand prize game, and a circus to surround them

Recently, The Video Veteran had the pleasure of meeting one of his all time favorite Chicago personalities, Don Sandburg, known to a cast of thousands as the mute lovable "Sandy" on Bozo's Circus from 1961 to 1969. The real man outside the tramp outfit has a varied, interesting and sometimes humorous story to tell about his long career that includes working with Bob Bell and Wally (then Walt) Phillips in Cincinnati; driving a cab;  developing the Star Trek animated series; reviving "Sandy" for a children's theater in The Virgin Islands (with a voice!); to installing TV roof antennas.  

Lately since April [2001], Sandburg has been spending more time in Chicago than he has in quite some time.  On April 21st, he appeared, along with several other Chicago kid show icons, at The Museum Of Broadcast Communications' grand opening of their wonderful new exhibit honoring the quality children's programming that was produced by and aired on Chicago television from the 1950s through the early 70s. 

Just recently, he appeared with "Bozo" colleagues Al Hall and Marshall Brodien in a laugh-filled hour on Dean Richard's WGN Sunday morning show.  He also was a guest of honor at the Chicago Botanical Gardens where the family of the late Bob Bell had gathered along with  a large crowd to commemorate the opening of a new Bob Bell model train exhibit.  And of course, he donned his Sandy garb one last time for the much anticipated 40th anniversary show and the final gathering of current and former cast members of the long running WGN staple.